Hawkesbury Art Prize

2023 Winner

Illumine by Katherine Barry

Highly Commended

Kurank by Suzie Riley
Sunlight Balances Shadows by Libby Hyett
Blooming trees by James Lai
Two impostors by Joe Blundell
Bush Telegraph by Camie Lyons
Danger, keep children and nature out by atherine Parker
Moon Shaped Pool by Meg Walters

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(not for profit organisation)

The Hawkesbury Art Prize is a biennial prize awarded to an Australian artist for a painting, drawing or work on paper with the theme of Contemporary Australian Identity.

Open to Australian artists, the prize is awarded for the most outstanding work created in the past 12 months. The theme invites artists to respond to the concept of contemporary identity in Australian life. The prize excludes photography, textiles, embroidery, and sculpture. The art prize is judged by a panel made up of three notable figures in the Australian art world. The Hawkesbury Art Prize is a significant award.


2nd September – 18th September 2023 – Exhibition of finalists



Bendigo Bank (Community Bank North Richmond and Richmond), Glenhuntly Estate, Purple Noon Gallery, Pieter Huveneers Bequest, Christine Paine, John C M Bennett, Tizzana Winery, Bilpin Cider, Artsup, Mirror Vision, Richmond Fruit Market, Kurrajong Kitchens and Softcom Web Solutions.


The winner this year is

Katherine Barry, from Queensland.

Two Highly Commended prizes (also with residencies) were awarded this year to Suzie Riley (SA) and Camie Lyons (NSW).

The Highly Commended Hawkesbury Resident prize went to Libby Hyett.

The ‘Packers Prize’ was awarded to Suzie Riley.

Four Commended recognition prizes were awarded (There is no money attached to these prices.)

Congratulations go to Catherine Parker (QLD), Joe Blundell (VIC), James Lai (NSW), and Meg Walters (NSW).


Joseph McGlennon                   Embers 1 (Cockatoo One)

Lucila Zentner                             Kangaroo

Anna Nordstrom                        River Run Blue

Missy Townsend                         Gariwerd Skyline

Rowan Robertson                      Autumn Light on the Mountain

Shane Bonsujet                          Sunday Arvo: snag on the way out

Matilda Dumas                           Washing Day

Nick Coulson                               Daphne Street

Victoria Peel                                Three Mile Fire

Liss Finney                                   Self Portrait as a Wetsuit

Florence Kelly                              Sparkling Water and Oysters

Shane Bonsujet                          The Gauntlet Narrated by David Attenborough

Emily Imeson                              Prehistory, Secret Survival

Angus Fisher                               Carrion #3

Mary Tonkin                                 Out There, Kalorama

Jane Guthleben                          Hawkesbury Gentrification

Debbie Mackinnon                    The First Days of Spring

Hellie Mahony                             Fowlers Gap, near the Ochre House

Julia Griffin                                  Larapinta

Amy Raymond                           Early Risers

Kate Dorrough                            A Changing Bush Fire Season

Elliot Nimmo                               A great soak – morning

Ashley Frost                                Escarpment Angophora Study

Catherine Parker                       Road Trip to Heaven

Erika Cholich                              Purloined Loveliness                

Dan Withey                                 This Australia

Deidre Morrison                         View East From Streeton Lookout, Freemans Reach

Paul Gorjan                                 Two different things

Melanie Hind                              10 Weeks

Fiona Verity                                 Interiorscapes – Open the window – let the garden in

Julie Paterson                            Threatened, Endangered, Extinct

Anne Kwasner                            Souvenirs of Untold Stories

Laura Patterson                          Ballanjui Fern Specimens

Dianne Tchumut                        Weavings

Carissa Karamarko                     Where shall we go today, little Banksia

Fiona Dobrijevich                       Maris Ocularis

Matthew Wright                         apostrophe

Shahroud Ghahani                    Erasure

Mark Callaghan                          Long Beach Massacre

Ruth Rawle                                  A few beers

Jill Dunkerton                             Coastal Pool


First prize of $10,000 plus a two week at residency at Glenhuntly Estate in the Hawkesbury is awarded to the winning entry. Two highly commended prizes of $1000 plus an additional art residency are also awarded. Three eminent visual arts professionals judge the prize and select the finalists. The art prize is for a painting that is inspired by contemporary Australian identity. Artists are invited to respond to the concept of contemporary identity in Australian life. Accordingly, the theme often helps artists explain the rapidly changing environment in which they live, or conversely, promotes diverse portrayals of history, landscape, place, and ways of seeing. The ensuing exhibition showcases the freshness and vitality of the creative artists that enrich our Australian communities. The winning works form an important collection of modern and contemporary art reflecting evolution in Australian identity, landscape and arts practice in the contemporary era. The prize has been set up in Hawkesbury as a not for profit project.